Arcadia in the Media

When a group of Arcadia Charter School students were asked to do a service project this year, they thought local. “The reason we wanted to do a local project is because we wanted to profit something that we would be able to see what happened with what we did,” said Paul Wehling, 13.

At times heartfelt and other times hilarious, Arcadia students presented open letters they created during their time spent in workshops with nationally-known writer and rapper Dessa. During their time with Dessa, students worked on creative writing and spoken word.

In a time when teenagers are increasingly portrayed as lazy and unmotivated, students in Arcadia Charter School’s Heartsaver CPR class are providing the perfect remedy for this stereotype.

Arcadia Charter School, a grade 6-12 public charter school in Northfield (formerly ARTech), has been awarded the FY12 School Finance Award from the Minnesota Department of Education.

The Skeptics Club sounds like a cynical title but in fact, it is a group of students at the Northfield School of Arts and Technology who are dedicated to critical thinking.

Rachel Acosta, an eighth-grade student at ARTech, took the initiative and started the group.

Bob Gregory-Bjorklund is the arts coordinator and an advisor at the Northfield School of Arts and Technology, better known as ARTech.

Bob Gregory-Bjorklund and Ann Gregory-Bjorklund are the November 2011 recipients of the Healthy Community Initiative (HCI) "Making a Difference" Award.  The award celebrates those groups and individuals in the community who have a positive influence on Northfield youth.

With a buzz of energy charging the air inside compact quarters of a grounded boat, 10 students from the Northfield School of Arts and Technology gathered alongside one another in the common area, their comfortable closeness reflecting many hours spent in each other's company.

NORTHFIELD — This fall, when the roughly 120 students at the Northfield School of Arts and Technology head back to class, their school will be partially powered by solar energy, thanks to a 2.8 kilowatt solar panel project that a group of students have seen through to fruition. Installation of the new solar panel system began on Monday.

NORTHFIELD - They edit, write, photograph, lay out and place to the web an entire newspaper. And they still attend class.

Four students from ARTech Charter School have been serving on the student editorial board of the Charter Vision Newspaper

NORTHFIELD - ARTech Charter School will send its first group of international travelers abroad on May 16.

The school is offering for the first time an international trip during its 2007 May term, sending a group of about 20 students for nine days to Guatemala to learn about the culture and language.

NORTHFIELD -- The ARTech charter school is less than six weeks away from opening its doors, after more than two years of planning by its founders. Located south of Northfield in the old Frigoscandia building at 1719 Cannon Road, the school is designed to serve 120 students in grades 6-12.

As of this week, 101 students had enrolled at the public charter school.