Students & Parents


Families choose Arcadia for a variety of reasons - often drawn by Arcadia’s hybrid learning model that blends classes with projects to ensure students meet the State Standards but also grow independently. Arcadia’s small size, welcoming nature and focus on holistic growth are also compelling to many families.


While every student’s schedule is individualized, here are a few samples of how Arcadia students spend their day. Unlike traditional schools, Arcadia’s hybrid model means students split their time between classes and projects, with project time typically increasing as students mature.


Admissions Policy


The objective of this policy is to allow the school to operate at a full capacity of 126 students with an average of 18 students per grade.  The director and board of directors may increase one or more grades’ capacity by resolution and without changing this policy.


  1. In accordance with MN State law MS124d.10 Subd. 9 (Admission Requirements)

all students who submit timely applications to Arcadia Charter School will be awarded places unless the number of applications exceeds the capacity of the program, class or grade level.  In this case, all available places will be filled by lottery.  Siblings of a currently enrolled student, or foster children of that student’s family and children of staff members will have preference in admissions before accepting other students by lottery.  

  1. Arcadia shall not discriminate against any student based on “race,” color, ethnicity, sex, age, national origin, ancestry, religion or creed, status with regard to public assistance, sexual orientation, disability, intellectual ability, prior measures of achievement or aptitude, athletic ability, or for any other basis that would be unlawful for a public or charter school.


  1. Each year, the director, with staff input, will determine the advisory (classroom) number and enrollment sizes, keeping in mind age mix, facility space, and staffing.

  2. On the first business Monday of April, the director will oversee the completion of the lottery (if necessary).  Each student will be assigned a lottery number in the order that they are drawn.  Students from the list will then be admitted per grade until that grade is full (18) or there are no additional students on the waiting list for that grade. 

  3. If a grade is not full by June 1st, additional students in any other grades may be admitted (above 18 but not exceeding 21) in order to maintain advisory enrollment as set by the director in keeping with the objective of maintaining full enrollment for the school (126). 

  4. For purposes of student counts, returning 5th year seniors will count toward the 12th grade class total enrollment, but not count toward the school’s total enrollment of 126 students.  

  5. Students in full time PSEO will not count toward student enrollment. 

  6. If any student, whether enrolled or on the waiting list, cancels their application or withdraws from Arcadia, they shall lose their place,  with the exception of students entering a residential treatment and care facility, who have a right to return to the prior school of enrollment upon completing treatment.  If they later re-apply, they shall be treated as a new student.

  7. All Applicants still on a waiting list at the beginning of the next enrollment period must submit a new application for enrollment and will be subject to the enrollment process described above. The waiting lists do not carry over from year to year.

Legal References: Minn. Stat. §  124e.11 (Admission Requirements)