Arcadia This Week 10/6/2019

Hello, Arcadia Families,

Here’s what’s up at Arcadia for the coming week!

Monday, Oct. 7:

  • ILEO, 2:45-4:15pm

  • Ace of Clubs, 2:45-4:30pm

Tuesday, Oct. 8: 

  • Homework Help, 2:45-4:00pm

  • Marketing Committee Meeting, 4:00pm: All are welcome! Email Laura or just come to the meeting if you are interested.

Wednesday, Oct. 9: 

  • Vision and Hearing Screening (during school)

Thursday, Oct. 10: 

  • Homework Help, 2:45-4:00pm

  • Gertens Fundraiser Orders Due

Friday, Oct. 11: 

  • Field trip forms and money due for students in Spanish traveling to the Ordway on Monday, Oct. 14 for “Sugar Skull! A Día de los Muertos Musical Adventure”

Mission Spotlight

“It is the mission of Arcadia Charter School to prepare our students to transition intellectually, emotionally, and ethically to higher education, future employment, and engaged citizenship.” 

In my previous message, I talked about 21st Century Skills and preparing students for the transitions identified in our mission statement. On Wednesday of last week, we had our first Innovation Day, a day of experiential learning that required students to practice a number of those skills. Students collaborated in small groups to solve an escape room-style challenge, an engineering-related challenge, and an “Eco Arcadia” challenge. In addition to collaboration, solving the challenges required communication, creativity, flexibility, initiative, and critical thinking. Following this experience (and lunch), the students heard from a number of adults who are part of our community, who talked about how they use similar skills in their careers to solve problems. 

Many thanks to Rachel Matney, Keith Barnes, Dwayne Vosejpka, Kaethe Schwehn, and Mac Gimse for sharing your experiences with us!



Log in to JMC to check your child’s grades. Here is a link to the site: JMC Parent Portal

Your last name (or your child’s last name) is the username. Click “Forgot Your Password” and reset it if you haven’t yet logged in.

To check grades, after you log in, click on "Academics," then "Progress Reports." For more specific information, click on "Qtr1" next to the class for which you would like more detail. 

Fundraising can do a lot of things for Arcadia. Right now, we are trying to cover the cost of new technology and furniture for the new rooms! We just added two interactive panels (like interactive white boards, but better) to the technology available at Arcadia, and we have 52 new sets of desks and chairs on their way. The new health office is waiting for cabinets. The total cost for the desks and chairs is nearly $13000. The interactive panels cost $2800 each. We would like to purchase new, “just right” cabinets for the health office, too, which will cost a few hundred dollars more.

Gertens Fundraiser

To help with those costs, we will be doing a few fundraisers this year, and we’re starting out with a quick, easy one--the Gertens Winter Greenery fundraiser. The plants are beautiful and guaranteed by Gertens. Excellent winter decoration for your office buildings and homes...and possibly your friends and relatives’ homes, too!

This fundraiser ends already Thursday, so we’ll all have to move rather quickly on this one. Our goal is $2000 for the school. 

Checks should be made out to Arcadia Charter School. (Arcadia will write Gertens one large check.)

All plants must be paid for when they are ordered. Orders cannot be placed without prepayment.

Plants arrive to be sorted and distributed on November 25th. You will be able to pick them up after school that afternoon in the Great Room at Arcadia.

A message from the organizers: Parents, please email Barb and/or Amy if you are willing to help sort and distribute plants on November 25th!!  Morning and afternoons are available. Volunteer contacts for the fundraiser are Amy Wold at and Barb Wornson at

From Lisa and Allina: Change to Chill, Identifying Stressors

We all have things that stress us out, but can you identify specific things that add the most stress to your life? When we are able to identify what stresses us out, we can better manage these stressors. Check out the Change to Chill Stress Quiz to identify some of the stressors that impact your life and encourage your student to do the same!

Upcoming Events

Oct. 9, (during school), Vision and Hearing Screening

Oct. 10, (during school) Gertens Fundraising Orders Due

Oct. 14, (during school, Spanish students only), Sugar Skull! Trip to the Ordway

Oct. 15, 6:30-8:00pm, Information Night

Oct. 15, 6:30-8:30pm, School Board Meeting

Oct. 17, No School (Fall Break)

Oct. 18, No School (Fall Break)