Arcadia This Week 4/26/2020

Hello, Arcadia Families,

Here’s what’s up at Arcadia for the coming week! 

Monday, Apr. 27: Day 1

Tuesday, Apr. 28: Day 2

Wednesday, Apr. 29: Innovation Day #4

Thursday, Apr. 30: Day 3

Friday, May 1: No School

Mission Spotlight

It is the mission of Arcadia Charter School to prepare our students to transition intellectually, emotionally, and ethically to higher education, future employment, and engaged citizenship.

Arcadia Charter School envisions a supportive learning community that, through collaboration and student-driven, project-based learning, encourages and assists students to:

  • Express themselves creatively through the visual, literary, and performing arts.

  • Use technology with innovation, imagination, and responsibility.

  • Develop critical thinking and creative problem solving skills.

  • Construct knowledge and meaning for themselves.

  • Value, advocate, and strive for the wellness of the whole person.

  • Be empowered to act as local citizens within a rapidly changing global community.

There are a lot of mission-based things going on right now!

Innovation Day #4

Innovation Day #4 is almost here! 

Materials are ready for pick up/delivery on Monday, 4/27, from 8:30am-5:30pm! A group of staff and parents will be helping to deliver, and for those who prefer to pick them up, the materials will be available at the school. There will be someone there to check you off the list so we can make sure everyone gets a bag!

Again, if you have other specific instructions regarding materials, let me know. If you have not yet done so, please fill out the drop off/pick up materials preference form.

If you chose pickup and are unable to get the materials on Monday, please let me know that, too. We can find a way to get you the materials (either dropping off instead, or picking up on Tuesday).

Community Mural

One of the items in the materials bag is a piece of a mural. It is also a postcard. The idea is that, from our individual places, we will create something together--collaborative artwork from a distance. We are hoping everyone will decorate their tile, then drop it in the mail. Some of the pieces have lines to follow, some are blank. All of them are important for us to be able to put the mural back together! When we’ve collected all of the tiles, we will send out an image of the completed mural, so you can see how all of our individual pieces fit together as a whole.


In addition to the mural piece, which is for the Arcadia community, we are including three postcards for the broader community. Two are already stamped. One is not.

The postcards are yours to use as you would like. The thought was that you could connect with a friend or family member who you aren’t getting to see right now. The postage is already paid for two of the postcards--simply write your message, add the recipient’s address, and drop it in the mail.

If you are not sure to whom you would like to write, consider writing a note to a resident at the Northfield Retirement Community or Three Links! Monarch Gift Shop is trying to put together gift bags with handwritten notes for each of the residents in these senior living centers, since they are not able to receive visitors at this time. You can drop unstamped postcards for NRC or Three Links at Arcadia or slip them under the door at Monarch Gift Shop. If you use the stamped ones, send them to Arcadia (1719 Cannon Road Northfield, MN 55057), and I will bring them to Monarch. Monarch will add the notes to their gift bags. For more information, here is Monarch’s announcement related to the project: 

Mystery Box

Within the bag of materials you will receive tomorrow is a box that is to be opened on Wednesday morning as part of the opening of Innovation Day. Don’t peek! We’ll explain more on Wednesday morning! :)

Meet with Laura

I am going to continue to offer a public Director Meet every day this week that anyone can attend from 12:30-1:30pm. Stop by to let me know how things are going at home! It’s an opportunity to ask me questions or share your feedback. I would love to hear from you!

Here is the address for the Meet: 

To join the video meeting, click this link:

Otherwise, to join by phone, dial +1 513-796-6467 and enter this PIN: 493 475 105#


Teachers are available from 12:30-2:30pm

Parents, encourage your children to take advantage of their teachers’ help in the afternoons! Feel free to check in with them, too! :)

Links to those afternoon Meet spaces are available through the MS and HS schedules on the Quick Start Guide:

Meals for Children: During the school building closures, meals will be available for pick up between 11:30am and 12:30pm at Greenvale Park Elementary School, Sibley Elementary, and Northfield High School. Families may use whichever location is most convenient for them.

Parents, please encourage your children to check their email regularly--that continues to be our primary mode of communication. Thank you!

Upcoming Events

Apr. 27, Innovation Day materials distribution (fill out this form if you’ve not already done so to indicate your preference for pick up or delivery:

Apr. 29, Innovation Day #4! 

May 1, No School

May 4, No School