Arcadia This Week 5/23/2022

Hello, Arcadia families, students, and friends,

It’s May Term! Families, if you are interested in checking out this uniquely Arcadian end-of-the-year tradition, let me know! You are welcome to stop by and observe! :) 

Monday, 5/23: May Term

Tuesday, 5/24: May Term

Wednesday, 5/25: May Term

Thursday, 5/26: May Term

Friday, 5/27: May Term


COVID Update **masks required**

Masks remain required indoors, as the COVID-19 Community Level was High in Rice County last week. The COVID-19 Community Level is now Medium. The case rate was 186.65/100,000 in the one-week period ending 5/21/2022. 

Students are able to remove their masks while outdoors.

We continue to have CUE tests at school, and BD Veritor and Binax tests to send home with students.

May Term Permissions–Parents, Please Sign!

I apologize that I didn’t send this sooner; I realized that we needed waivers for some of the courses. Many of the May Term options involve travel off campus or physical activity that may carry an increased risk of injury. Please sign the (online) waiver for the May Term in which your child is participating, if it is any of the courses listed below! (Forensics also has paperwork that needs to be completed prior to participating, though it is not listed here).

Baseball May Term (afternoon with Christopher, Scott, and Thierno)

Hiking and Food in the Great Outdoors (all day with Lori)

Here's Northfield; Hunger Games; or Birds, Birds, and Bugs (morning with Tammy; all day with Amy; all day with Chris)

May Term Contributions

From May 23rd - June 8th (the last day of school), students will have the opportunity to step outside of our typical school day and enjoy their choice of enriching and fun activities. To help us pay for this beloved tradition, we ask each family to contribute $35 per child. As always, if you can contribute more, we are grateful. If this is a hardship for your family, just let us know and we will provide a scholarship. Payments can be made by check or directly on our website here

Graduation: June 8th, 6:30pm at Arcadia

Graduation will take place in the backyard at Arcadia at 6:30pm on June 8th. Assuming we are outside, there will not be a limit to the number of guests welcome. If the weather prevents us from using the backyard, we will be in the Great Room, and each graduate will be allowed six guests.

Upcoming Events

May 23: First Day of May Term

June 8: Last Day of School (Early Release: 12:42pm)

June 8, 6:30pm: Graduation


Have a great week!