Arcadia This Week 8/23/2020

Hello, Arcadia Families,

Here’s what’s up at Arcadia this week and next! Staff return for meetings and training this week, and Goal Setting Conferences are the week after, Sept. 1-3. 

Week 1

Monday, August 24: 

--Staff Meetings and Training (online), 8:00am-4:00pm

--Meet with Laura for families: 3:00-3:30pm (link below)

--New flooring installation

--Goal Setting Conference Sign Up Sent Out (more below)

Tuesday, August 25: 

--Staff Meetings and Training (online), 8:00am-4:00pm

--New flooring installation

--Sign up for Goal Setting Conferences

Wednesday, August 26: 

--Staff Meetings and Training (online), 8:00am-4:00pm

--New flooring installation

--Sign up for Goal Setting Conferences

--Meet with Laura for families: 7:30-8:00pm (link below)

Thursday, August 27:

--Staff Meetings and Training (online), 8:00am-4:00pm

--New flooring installation

--Sign up for Goal Setting Conferences

Friday, August 28:

--Staff Meetings and Training (online), 8:00am-4:00pm

--New flooring installation complete!

--Sign up for Goal Setting Conferences

Week 2

Monday, August 31:

--Staff Meetings and Training (online), 8:00am-4:00pm

--New flooring installation complete!

--Sign up for Goal Setting Conferences

Tuesday, September 1:

--Goal Setting Conferences all day

Wednesday, September 2:

--Goal Setting Conferences all day

Thursday, September 3:

--Goal Setting Conferences all day

Friday, September 4:

--Independent prep day for staff

Mission Spotlight

Our Mission:

It is the mission of Arcadia Charter School to prepare our students to transition intellectually, emotionally, and ethically to higher education, future employment, and engaged citizenship.

Arcadia Charter School envisions a supportive learning community that, through  collaboration and student-driven, project-based learning, encourages and assists students to:

  • Express themselves creatively through the visual, literary, and performing arts.

  • Use technology with innovation, imagination, and responsibility.

  • Develop critical thinking and creative problem solving skills.

  • Construct knowledge and meaning for themselves.

  • Value, advocate, and strive for the wellness of the whole person.

  • Be empowered to act as local citizens within a rapidly changing global community.

The school’s mission has been a central, guiding document for our planning around our face to face, hybrid, and distance learning models. We specifically “value, advocate and strive for the wellness of the whole person,” as stated in our mission, which is why we are excited to offer a hybrid model that supports those who need to be at school, while allowing distance learning for those who need to be at home, but brings everyone together with their classmates and Arcadia’s teachers for class, using Arcadia’s curriculum. While the mission says that we “encourage and assist students to construct knowledge and meaning for themselves,” we know that an individual’s construction of knowledge and meaning--real learning--must happen in community with others. This is why we are also focused on keeping students engaged with one another and their teachers in classes, and providing additional opportunities for connection outdoors.

Here is a link to the Deep Dive into the Hybrid Model document for more specific details:



Goal Setting Conferences

Sign-ups will come out on Monday (8/24) in a message from your child’s advisor. Each student has been assigned to a specific advisor for this year to ensure that every student has a clear point of contact. Your child’s advisor will contact you with their link.

New families, we will offer in-person conferences and tours of the school on Tuesday, just for you! You are not required to have an in-person conference, but we felt it important to offer that. Returning families, if you would like an in-person conference, please talk to your child’s advisor before signing up for an in-person time.

Materials Pick Up

We are hoping to have all student materials ready for pickup the week of Goal Setting Conferences (Sept. 1-3). We are experiencing delays in receiving some of the materials, so if this changes, I will contact you. However, the plan is to have a bag and books ready for every student to grab and go!

Please note, the materials pickup is separate from Goal Setting Conferences, just occurring at the same time.

Calendar Changes; Official School Calendar Attached

The calendar was changed to ensure that we will meet the required number of instructional hours for every student this year, even if we end up transitioning between models. (The State gives schools up to one week for planning between model transitions.) Essentially, we determined that we would keep our September 8th start date, and we eliminated late start and early release days. We will still have fall and spring conferences, despite eliminating those early release days. The updated, approved school calendar is attached.

MS/HS Hybrid Rotation

We will start the year with middle school (MS) students the first week (9/8-9/11). High school (HS) students will start online on 9/8. The MS/HS rotation for first quarter will look like this:

9/8-9/11: MS

9/14-9/18: HS

9/21-9/25: MS

9/28-10/2: HS

10/5-10/9: MS

10/12-10/14 (Fall Break): HS

10/19-10/23: MS

10/26-10/30: HS

11/2-11/6 (End of First Quarter): MS

Meet with Laura

My next Meets will be on Monday, 8/24 from 3:00-3:30pm and Wednesday, 8/26 from 7:30-8:00pm. Feel free to stop by if you need anything or have any questions! 

Here is the address for the Meet: 

To join the video meeting, click this link:

Otherwise, to join by phone, dial +1 513-796-6467 and enter this PIN: 493 475 105#

Upcoming Events

August 24-31: Staff Meetings/Trainings; Goal Setting Conference Sign Up

Sept. 1-3: Goal Setting Conferences

August 24 (3:00pm) and August 26 (7:30pm): Meet with Laura

September 8: First day of school! (MS hybrid in person, HS hybrid online)