Arcadia This Week 9/21/2019

Hello, Arcadia Families,

Here’s what’s up at Arcadia for the coming week:

Monday, Sept. 23

A message from Gary: It's not too late to sign up for ILEO. Students should see Gary if they are interested. ILEO meets Mondays right after school until 4:15pm. Students will need to be picked up or have a way home each week.

Ace of Clubs, the Arcadia after-school tabletop gaming club (2:45-4:30pm)

Tuesday, Sept. 24

A message from Bob: Arcadia's first arts residency of the year happens on Tuesday, Sept. 24, 12:40-1:30pm. Members of the Stuart Pimsler Dance Theater Company will be meeting with Arcadia's high school dance class, and [all students] are invited to join them. 

Marketing Committee Meeting, 4:00pm: This meeting is open to everyone! If you have ideas for how we can spread the word about Arcadia, come to the meeting! If you are interested, but unable to attend, we can add you to the list for when we schedule future meetings.

Thursday, Sept. 26

A message from Matt: Attention all high school students and 8th graders! You may have seen the posters around the building and it's true: we are offering a trip to Washington DC and New York City this May Term 2020! The information session for this trip is on Thursday 9/26 at 6:30pm. If you're interested in learning more about the trip (including the itinerary, cost, and more) please plan on coming! There are interest sheets in Blue and Red advisory as well, so please sign up if you think you can come. Email or talk to Matt for more information.

Friday, Sept. 27

Middle School Field Trip to the Renaissance Festival, 8:05am to 2:30pm

The cost of the field trip will be $20. Scholarships are available! If your family might be able to help other families with the cost of the field trip, we would be grateful for your help, too! Please send a check (to Arcadia Charter School) or cash with your child, or bring it to the front desk.

Here is the electronic permission form (all middle school parents, please sign):

Mission Spotlight

One of the key ideas in our mission is that we will be a “learning community.” Part of community building is also doing fun things together! It was great to see a number of Arcadians at the YMCA Arcadia Family Night last Friday evening, playing lawn games and group games, swimming, and ending with a game of Sardines! Play is an important part of human development and playing together contributes to Arcadia’s sense of togetherness. You also see that sense of community play out in our everyday operations--from advisory circles to project proposal meetings. Even in class discussions, students are learning to constructively listen and build on others’ ideas, holding themselves and each other accountable to the learning community. For a quick overview on what building an intentional learning community does for the people in the community, read this “Core Ideas” statement from the Center for the Integration of Research, Teaching and Learning: Learning Communities (from CIRTL) 

Housekeeping Items

Watch your email for a few specific items coming out this week!

  1. JMC--a new video on logging in and checking your student’s academic progress on JMC

  2. Tree vote! We are getting a new tree. Everyone will receive a ballot tomorrow morning with more instructions.

  3. “Angel Fund”--this is a way for the whole community to support every student, helping us to ensure that all of our students always have access to lunch, field trips, and other opportunities. More information to come.

Upcoming Events

Sept. 24, (during school), Stuart Pimsler Dance Residency

Sept. 24, 4:00pm, Marketing Committee Meeting (in the Conference Room at Arcadia)

Sept. 27, 8:05am-2:30pm, Renaissance Festival Field Trip (all Middle School)

Oct. 2, (during school), Innovation Day #1--still looking for volunteers!

Oct. 3, (during school), Arcadia Theater and Dance class, Ordway Field Trip 

Oct. 4, (during school), Picture Day